Degenerative Arthritis Pain Management Testimonial

The experience of being treated by Dr. Skaribas is best told by his patients. Lita DuRaine shares her story of chronic pain from degenerative arthritis and finding a path back to life through treatment from Dr. Skaribas.

Dr. Skaribas Looks at ALL Aspects of Your Wellness to Determine Treatment

Dr. Skaribas has treated my hips, shoulder, spine, everywhere I experience pain, including post-operative care, allowing me to enjoy life in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

The treatments were extremely beneficial. Sometimes, it was just medication, or a combination of medication and a steroid injection. Some of the treatments provided pain relief for several years.

Depending on the area of pain, I’ve had steroid injections for my back, neck, and hip. After several years, Dr. Skaribas saw that the conservative methods of managing my pain would no longer be viable and he made the recommendation for me to have surgery. He still continues to monitor my pain needs and takes care of other issues as I get older.

Lita DuRaine, Certified Electron Microscopist at Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Play the video above to hear Lita DuRaine talk about her experience with Dr. Skaribas.

Dr. Skaribas is the best doctor ever!

He is a very professional, caring doctor. He’s not there just to push something he sells. He really does look at your whole system to determine what needs to be done for the best outcome. That can be hard to find with pain management doctors because many of them just want to push pills on you, or they want to provide a particular procedure that they’re selling, but not with Dr. Skaribas.

He is always very open and honest about what will potentially alleviate pain, whether it’s a short or long-term solution, whether it actually “cures” the source of your pain or only stops the symptoms, or anything else related to various chronic pain options. That’s why I trust him. He’s always direct and very honest and only recommends what is best for your particular case.

I would recommend Dr. Skaribas to anyone suffering from chronic pain without hesitation.

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*Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program. As with any medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications.

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