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The satisfaction of patients who no longer live in pain means everything to us at Expert Pain. Below are testimonials directly from patients who we’ve had the pleasure to treat.  To find out how Dr. Skaribas can help you, request an appointment.

Patient Testimonials

Jan Watters’ CRPS Journey

Dr. Skaribas has changed my life. When this first happened. I was not functional. The simulator is what made me functional again. It took at least half the pain away and usually more than that. I’m able to continue my career as an Acute Pain Nurse which allows me with my history to be more understanding of the pain my patients are having. I’ve suffered from chronic pain for 20 years, but I’m able to enjoy my life because of Dr. Skaribas.

I’ve recommended family, friends and professional acquaintances to see Dr. Skaribas for their chronic pain. A co-worker of mine had to quit working because of her injuries. When I told Dr. Skaribas what she was going through, he said, “I can help her”, and he did. I sent her to see Dr. Skaribas and now she’s super functional and working again. She’s doing everything she couldn’t before.

Lita DuRaine and Degenerative Arthritis

Dr. Skaribas is a very professional, caring doctor. He’s not there just to push something he sells. He really does look at your whole system to determine what needs to be done for the best outcome.  That can be hard to find with pain management doctors because many of them just want to push pills on you, or they want to provide a particular procedure that they’re selling, but not with Dr. Skaribas.

He is always very open and honest about what will potentially alleviate pain, whether it’s a short or long-term solution, whether it actually “cures” the source of your pain or only stops the symptoms, or anything else related to various chronic pain options. That’s why I trust him. He’s always direct and very honest and only recommends what is best for your particular case.

Online Reviews

“This is the best office I have had dealings with in a long time. The staff are easy to deal with and always a ready smile. If you’re not happy with your doctor drop them and head this way. The nicest man you will ever meet and has no problem answering any questions and wants to know if your understanding just what is going on. No brush offs by anyone. Appointments are easy to get and not rushed. Wish I would’ve known about this place many years ago. Will not use anyone else again.”
-Google Review from Kim Woolard-Schellberg

“Me and my mother live in Bryan/College Station. In 2016 she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. My mother could barely walk because she was in so much pain. After coming to Dr. Skaribas, he provided her with pain management that now allows her to perform her daily functions without being in pain. It’s worth the hour and a half drive!!! I would recommend him to anyone!! Thank you so much!!!”
-Google Review from Tasheba Nelson

“Dr. Skaribas’ medical skills are beyond impressive all of which is complemented by a deep concern and dedication to a patients well being. His manner, training and experience are such that you immediately feel safe in his hands knowing that he will do whatever is required to make you better. I am lucky to have the fortune of knowing him.”
-Google Review from Kevin George

“Dr. Skaribas is very professional and compassionate. I highly recommend this provider.”
-Facebook Review from Stephen Moore

“If I could describe Dr. Skaribas and his staff with one word it would be Amazing! After suffering with terrible joint pain in my wrist for about 8 months and visiting 3 different doctors I was starting to lose hope. Dr. Skaribas helped me get my life back! I am so glad I came to see him, he truly cares about his patients and is such a great doctor. Thank you for your help Dr. Skaribas.”
-HealthGrades Review from Bri

“I highly recommend Dr. Skaribas. Dr. Skaribas is an excellent pain management doctor. We reviewed and discussed the MRI and X-ray disks together. I have had several procedures with Dr. Skaribas that were very successful to help alleviate my pain. Dr. Skaribas is very caring and so is his office staff. His office staff is very professional and nice.”
-HealthGrades Review from HC

“I got a spinal cord stimulator implant with Dr. Skaribas and couldn’t be happier with the skill and professionalism he exhibited throughout the process. The implant is covering a majority of my pain and I no longer need my pain meds!”
-HealthGrades Review from JG

“After suffering for years with chronic intractable burning nerve pain I made an appointment with Dr. Skaribas. After going over my pain history he recommended the DRG spinal stimulator. I’ve literally tried every modality in search of pain relief. My pain is now under control and I have my life back. Dr. Skaribas and his medical team are compassionate and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Skaribas to anyone that suffers from chronic pain.”
-Review from a Verified Patient on Vitals

“Dr. Skaribas is very professional and prompt. He spent time with me and provided an accurate diagnosis.”
-Review from a Verified Patient on Vitals

“Dr. Skaribas and his staff are wonderful!! He treats his patients with great care and respect. He is thorough and informative. If I could give him more stars I would, he is above the rest!”
-Google Review from B. Shane

“I wouldn’t have graduated from college or started my dream career if not for Dr. Ioannis Skaribas. Not only is he compassionate, but he genuinely cares about his patients. He will give you as much time as is needed, and he will present you options to help you get as close to pain-free as possible. Before seeing Dr. Skaribas, I could barely get out of bed. I am now working all of the time. I hope this review helps some of you. Chronic pain is truly cruel and life altering. I have a rare disease and wasn’t sure if I’d ever get a handle on it, I was wrong. I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Ioannis Skaribas.”
-Google Review from Ethan Wehner

“My husband, Stephen Dujka, received a lumbar steroid injection from Dr. Skaribas one week age and is already receiving much needed relief from his spinal stenosis. Dr. Skaribas and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the field of pain management!”
-Facebook Review from Larita McCaig Dujka

“Experience in pain management, understanding and care for his patients”
-Facebook Review from Mary E. Bird

“I have seen Dr Skaribas a number of times for back pain, ranging from cervical to lumbar pain. Always successful and the relief lasts longer than expected. Always professional but friendly and personable. Excellent office staff which is also important.”
-HealthGrades Review from Wayne Dismukes

“When visiting Dr. Skaribas you’re in the hands of an accomplished medical professional that cares about your well-being. Along with his staff, he is friendly, courteous and professional. I highly recommend him for your pain management needs.”
-HealthGrades Review from Geri Ann Hargraves

“Dr. Skaribas is a kind, compassionate and caring doctor. He is soft spoken and gentle. He is very knowledgeable and makes sure that your pain is addressed with a plan. Wish there were 10 stars to mark!!!”
-Review from a Verified Patient on Vitals

“Dr. Skaribas is the best doctor I’ve experienced since i moved to Texas. He is very caring and he listens to your concerns. He actually wants to help you. He has a positive attitude. He gave me hope after having bad experiences with other doctors. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Skaribas. Best pain doctor ever!”
-Review from a Verified Patient on Vitals

“I have to say I was skeptical about anything helping my lower back pain, but Dr Skaribas definitely fixed me up! Now you have to understand, not everyone responds to epidurals the same, but so far, the two I received from Dr. Skaribas have worked very very well. Anyone with chronic back pain knows it will come back sooner or later, and having a good Dr like him is a big relief.”
-Review from a Verified Patient on Vitals

*Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program. As with any medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications.